Jorge Zumaeta has extensive experience in the area of socioeconomics, applied econometrics, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluating programmatic performance measures. Mr. Zumaeta has 15 years of a successful track as a research economist, publishing 25 major research studies, co-authoring another 62 project evaluations and analysis, consulting in the development of state and local guidelines and performance measure for workforce development programs; creating alternative benchmarking methodologies for the American Community Survey; serving in local policy committees and boards, providing long term nationwide policy evaluation for WIA and TANF reauthorizations, speaking in 23 conferences, writing and defending positions papers, and preparing and communicating regional economics press releases. Prior to joining Florida International University - CAPS, as Director for Programs and Research; Mr. Zumaeta served as a Manager, Strategic Planning and Research at South Florida Workforce; Associate Director at Florida Institute for Career Employment and Training; and a Regional Economist for the Florida Department of Labor.

Type of Research: Federal Government, State Government, Local Government, Regional Planning Organizations

Recent or Planned Research


Broward County Statistical Abstract (Annual Publication
Recent or Planned Research
American Economics Association (AEA)
International Association of Personnel in Employment Security (IAPES) 95-98
Southern Economic Association 98-03
Florida State and Business Industry Data Base Center Affiliate 95-98
Palm Beach Policy Planning Committee 98-99
USDOL/ETA Administrative Data Research and Evaluation (ADARE) member 98-03
Latin Chamber of Commerce – Director at Large 02-04

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